Wednesday, January 6, 2016

[INK] Catch Pierce for The Mens Dept in January

Main Focus:
 Ink Catch Pierce for TMD!

Head: TMP Delux Anime Male
Hair: Oliver Action
Hairbase: Tableau Vivant

Thursday, September 3, 2015

~Slink Physique Male Mesh Body~ REVIEW

Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
Siddean Munro has been working on this body for quite some time, she is the mass owner of a highly productive and successful business called Slink. She makes 15 female hands and 15 male hands, 3 sets of female feet and 1 set of male feet. Siddean also made the Slink Physique Female Mesh Body which is highly popular, and with that has also come several heads and much more.


Mesh Body: L$1250
Hands(SINGLES): L$450
Hands (PACKAGE 1): L$1250
Hands (PACKAGE 2): L$1250
Hands (PACKAGE 3): L$1250
Hands (Multipack): L$2250
How to use this body!

Wear the alpha layer of your choice. If you want to keep your own head, wear the one that says "For Default SL Head"
Wear the Slink Physique Male Utilities (alpha and layers) HUD
Wear the Slink Physique Male Mesh Body.

Next, use the Slink Physique Male Utilities (alpha and layers) HUD V2.0 to choose one of the included skins, then unpack the bag of the same name and wear the skin inside!
Or, you can visit your favourite skin maker and see if they have an applier HUD for this body, or wear your favourite skin applier and use that.  All old appliers Including female appliers will work on this body. Note - due to template differences, female skins will not work on this body.

If you own the Slink Avatar Enhancement hands and feet, this body requires you to wear the XS size, regardless of what your other sliders are set at, or what your usual size is.  The wrists and ankles are not influenced by the shape sliders and XS will give you the best seamless fit,

About the Slink Physique Male Utilities (alpha and layers) HUD:

This HUD contains a large number of buttons designed to turn off sections of your body for wearing with mesh clothing, as well as the texture layer options that this body also includes.

About Omega
This body supports the universal Omega system. It provides functionality such as skin textures, clothing textures, tattoo textures and underwear textures, If you want to texture separate left and right arms or feet, you need to use an applier made using the Slink 3rd party creation kit as Omega does not support this in this body.

Note - Slink does not provide customer support for Omega. If you are having trouble getting an Omega HUD to communicate with this body, you need to contact Omega Customer Support.

Things to remember:

If you do not own the Slink Avatar Enhancement hands and feet, you may wear this body with the default hands and feet using one of the alpha layers included that shows the default hands and feet.  Please note that your sliders must be set as below for the best fit:

Body Fat:0
Torso Muscle:28
Leg Muscle:43
Knee Angle:50

If you still have questions, please visit
What Comes With The Body!
1. Slink Eyelash Alpha (C, M, NT)
2. Slink Male Default Brow Shape (C, M, NT)
3. Slink Male Default Shape 1 & 2 (C, M, NT)
4. Slink Physique Alpha, (Default SL head, feet, hands, 3 different alpha's) (C, M, NT)
5. Slink Physique Male Base Skin (1-6) (C, NM, NT)
6. Slink Physqiue Male Boxer Shorts (MESH) (C, NM, NT)
7. Slink Physique Male Mesh Body Release 1 (C, NM, NT)
8. Slink Physique Neck Blenders (1-6) (C, M, NT)
9. Slink Physique Male Utilities (Alpha and layers) Hud (C, NM, NT)
10. Slink Physique Mesh Basic Tank Stone (C, NM, NT)
11. Slink Physique Mens Stovepipe Jeans Stone (C, NM, NT)
12. Slink Physique RGB Hud (C, NM, NT)


This is the hud that comes with the body.

6 Different Bald Tones
6 Different Hairy Tones

Can hide every part of the alpha, alpha works great, easy to fit in mesh clothes!

No problems at all so far.

Penis(YES PENIS!):
Cute attachment, its amazing and great for nude photos. All though does not come erect :(

 Up close Face Tone 1

Torso, Tone 1
Pelvis/Legs (Censored), Tone 1
Side View, Tone 1
 Pubes, Cut, Penis Tone 1
Pubes, Uncut, Penis Tone 1

Shaved, Uncut Penis Tone 1

Siddean Munro (Slink Owner)
SLINK (Customer SERVICE!!)
Angell Copperfield (Blog Owner)
Rating A+++++++

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stonehaven Community (RP Sim)


The town of Stonehaven was founded on the northeast shore of Green Emerald Island, which the Wabanaki Indians knew as Pemetic, meaning "range of mountains" or "mountains seen at a distance." The Wabanaki seasonally fished, hunted and gathered berries, clams, and other shellfish in the area. They spoke of the area that would become Stonehaven as Man-es-ayd'ik ("clam-gathering place") or Ah-bays'auk ("clambake place"), leaving great piles of shells as evidence of this abundance.
In early September 1604, French explorer Fransque de Froggian ran aground on a rock ledge believed to be just off the Lobster Cliffs, and when he came ashore to repair his boat he met local natives.

The community was first settled by Europeans in 1763 by William Shatanair and James Doogan and later incorporated on February 23, 1796 as Shell Bank Harbor. Early industries included fishing, lumbering and shipbuilding. With the best soil in the area, it also developed agriculture.

In the 1840s, its rugged maritime scenery attracted many artists and painters to the area.  Inspired by their paintings, journalists, sportsmen and "rusticators" followed.

By 1880, there were 30 hotels and tourists were arriving by train and ferry to the many area resorts that would rival Newport, Rhode Island. The rich and famous tried to outdo each other with entertaining and estates, often hiring famous landscapers and gardeners to design their gardens. A homage to this early styling can still be seen today along the coastal side of Stonehaven Drive.

Yachting, garden parties, and carriage rides were popular diversions.

On March 3, 1918, Shell Bank Harbor was renamed Stonehaven after the rocky surrounds to the town providing a safe haven to many sailor in bad weather.  The name would quickly become synonymous with elite wealth.
Some Links:
Webpage: Click Here
Citizen Application: Click Here 
Rules: Click Here
News Channel: Click Here 

Some Perks: 

With Citizens Tag:
Owning Business
Commit Crimes (hehe)
I'd like to thank the creators and founders of Stonehaven for making this lovely sim, it is a great sim and has the best roleplay ever.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Long Day

Info Coming Soon♥

Urbano Cap (Unisex)

Ubrano Cap (unisex)

Avaliable @ Urbano Mainstore

Minimal Jewerly

[Earring] Minimal - Bord Earring (Mainstore) - (Men Only Monthly)

[Body/Head] - The Mesh Project (The Shops!)

[Hair] Oliver - Action (Action Mainstore)

[Hairbase/Eyebrows/Beard] - Unorthodox (Unorthodox Mainstore)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lumiere Apparel - Slim Fit Jeans

~ Slim Fit Jeans ~
~ 350L$ ~
~ Demo 
~ TMP Male Body Only ~
~ Comes In; Jean Colours ~  

{What I'm Wearing}
Body: The Mesh Project Deluxe Body (M)
Head: The Mesh Project Soft Head (M)
Hair: Bade Luca

Review: I adore these pants, they fit perfectly with my butt and thighs, I adore them. There easy to wear other things with! 
I recommend these because they are a great product.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lumiere Apparel - Male Leather Harness

~ Male Leather Harness ~
 ~ 300L$ - Demo
 TMP Male Body Only
~ Comes In Black, White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Teal ~

{What I'm Wearing}
Body: The Mesh Project Deluxe Body (M)
Head: The Mesh Project Soft Head (M)
Hair: Bade Simon

Mesh Project 

Review: This harness in my opinion is fabulous, the quality is fantastic, its cheap and comes in many colors!
If you're into BDSM and Role play at Gore Sims You Should Definitely Buy This!

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